Central South University of Forestry and Technology has developed provincial and above provincial subjects, such as Silviculture, Ecology, Wood Science and Technology, Forest Management, Forest Protection, and so on. And the university has built labs on Forest Breeding, Ecology, Economic Forest Breeding, Silviculture, Economic Plant Development and Application and Biological Foundations, etc. In the last decade, the university has completed more than 200 research projects, among which, 191 were certified; 167 gained national, ministerial and provincial awards; 38 obtained international and national patents, 31 was included in spreading scheme of Administration of Forestry. Among the university faculty, there is one member from subject appraisal group, academic degree committee of the State Council; 24 doctoral supervisors; 2 national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions; 18 ministerial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions; 10 ministerial and provincial cross-century academic and technological leaders; 58 scholars enjoying government allowance; 1 was awarded China Youth Technology Award; and 3 got “Huo Yingdong Educational Foundations Award”.
      Since establishment, Hunan Shuangsheng Ecological Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. has been cooperating with the Ecological Lab to research on Forest Ecology, City Ecology, Ecological Environmental Building and Protection.
      The Ecological Lab was established in Aug. 1978. During the development in the last two decades, it has been constructed to be a comprehensive lab with research covering Forest Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Protection, and City Forest Ecology. It is a key lab and the first ecological lab in Hunan to be able to award ecological doctoral degree. There are 6 labs exclusive to Ecology, including Forest Ecology, Environmental Ecology, Ecophysiology, etc. They have 717 sets of equipments all together, worth 4,090,000RMB, which provide substantial foundations for research.
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