Hunan Shuangsheng Ecological Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise which integrates research, construction, production and design. Having gained several patents and ample construction experience, shuangsheng has been professionally devoting to the career of ecological restoration.
     In conformance with the principles of “faith, responsibility, quality, and innovation”, Shuangsheng actively works together with cooperating companies for technology popularizing, exchange and construction. Its unique “CS Higher-order Grain Cluster Blend Fiber Plant Restoration technology” (patent No.: ZL200510032542.8) was adopted and used by related companies and institutions in some cities and provinces and achieved remarkable effects. This ecological technology can be extensively utilized in various complicated geology, landforms and areas that have been considered hardly restorable for vegetation restoration. Millions of square meters’ construction has been completed with the effects in harmony with the surrounding scenery and no signs of artificial excavation. This technology has been certified by the related bureau and awarded the Second Prize of Technological Progress as China’s key technical promotion project in environmental protection in 2008.
     Shuangsheng will actively progress with the society and return the society with rigorous research attitude, conscientious work style and meticulous management mode.
Scope of business:
**Taking on vegetation restoration projects on various complicated geology and landforms
**Taking on project argumentations of various slope protection
**Providing effective, economical and reasonable slope protection technology services
**Treating slope damages; developing and cultivating environmental protection products
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